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Half of Nothing Records was started in 2007 by SexRat in Sacramento Ca. After dealing with labels that didn't work as hard as the bands on it, this genius idea of doing it themselves was born. SexRat put out a self titled c.d. and rocked some club shows, and figured out the music biz still sucks. Sharing the bill with Mike Watt, Agent Orange, and groups like Dub Trio let them name drop and play some hot spots in Hollywood too cool to even name. They were able to do all of this without make up or tight pants.

Not too long after SexRat's slow rise to inner-success and personal satisfaction Reno's own Del Mar jumped on board the Half of Nothing Records label. These guys + one lady rode in on a wave of lava ridding an old hot rod with hot dogs cooking off of the blower. Their debut "After the Quake" marks the 2nd release for HONR, and has helped step up this little indie mutt of a label.

SexRat and Del Mar are plotting to push to the top of all the magazines and radio stations sometime before 2012 when the world ends. With a highly trained team of voodoo marketing people HONR will help turn regular going tax paying Americans into drooling zombies that only like Spinal Tap, Kenny Powers, and Blazing Saddles.

Keep an eye on The SnobsMysteryMeat, and the Yamerone Bros. looking to release some tunes on HONR this year. Also, Dog Party is on the junior league of HONR training to take out all the Disney Kid bands in a death race down head wall. These little girls maybe cute, but they will take you down in a match of rock dojo.

What Do You Know? by Dog Party

I Am Aware Of My Tongue by Bert Susanka & The Astronaut Love Triangle

Vapor Trails by SEXRAT

Hanging On by Sexrat

Made in China by SexRat with Bud Gaugh


Beach Bum by Del Mar

Video: by Tony Muller

EPK For Del Mar

Video: by Tony Muller

P.A.R.T.Y. by Dog Party

Video: by Gwendolyn Giles

Big Salty Tears by Bert Susanka and The Astronaut Love Triangle

Let Me Lead by The Snobs


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